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Whether you're looking for your next home, or need an expert to help you with real estate

Meet Chris McCarron

Hi and welcome to my website, I'm so glad you're here! I love real estate! I love to buy it - and I'd love to help you buy it. I love to sell it (at a profit, of course) - and I'd love to help you sell your real estate in the best way for you. I love to teach people about real estate, blog about it, podcast about it, write about it - and I'd love to talk with you about any aspect of real estate. I have tons of experience - I bought my first house more than 35 years ago *What?!* Yup, I'm old, lol. I've been through several ups and downs of the market. I've done foreclosures and short sales, multiple offers and bidding wars. I've made tons of mistakes in those years and every one of those experiences has made me better and more able to do a great job helping you. Let's connect! 

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