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Serial entrepreneur Christine McCarron said turning 60 on July 23 will represent the start of the greatest year of her life.


The Massachusetts-based visionary, who has started nearly 10 businesses over the last several decades, is planning a yearlong celebration for the milestone birthday. Her “bucket list” items include:

  •  Visiting every country in the world

  •  Creating a business that someone wants to buy for at least 2x her investment

  •  Learning to speak French, German and Spanish

  •  Becoming a competition-worthy dancer

  •  Learning to play guitar and piano, and becoming a lead singer in a band

  •  Writing another book

“The first 60 years of my life, that was just practice,” said McCarron, who also is a motivational speaker in addition to running several companies. “I don’t like to buy things, but I love to have experiences. That’s something that can’t be taken away from you. That’s what life is all about. I love to learn new things and be in places where I have no idea what anyone is saying.” McCarron has been that way since she was a child, always curious and always wanting to learn. After turning 60, McCarron is heading to several events, including: cruising the Greek Islands and Malta; Workplace Design Conference, in Kranj, Slovenia; Coworking Europe, in Porto, Portugal; and 6th International Conference on Future Smart Cities (FSC), in Tirana, Albania.

She doesn’t mind that other destinations are unclear and unknown. “My friends think of me as someone who is willing to jump off a cliff and just go for it to see what happens,” McCarron said. “Having a fun life that you love is priceless. I’ve always been an optimist.”


McCarron’s inspiration was her late aunt, Gert, who lived until 105, painted until she was 103, and loved eating fish and chips and M-and-Ms. Gert was almost exactly 50 years older than McCarron, and McCarron’s vividly remembers Gert’s 100th birthday and her attitude on life. “You never would have thought she was 100,” McCarron said. “She was very independent and told you exactly what was on her mind. I looked at her and thought, I had so many more great years of doing things right and doing what I want to do.”


McCarron’s entrepreneurial journey began at around age 30, with her first company, Hungry Lion, which imported of all things belly dancing supplies from Morocco and Egypt to the United States. In the years since, she’s led real estate companies, helped build the Beehive Coworking Community space based in Tyngsborough, Massachusetts, and even served as a home improvement contractor – where she loves personally working on houses and flipping them. McCarron said she fully expects to live at least another 60 years because, as she said, “there are so many things I want to do, that I think I will need that long.”


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